Vehicle Maintenance

Basic (DIY & Cheap) Maintenance

Tire Pressure

- it really helps to keep the car operating safely and reliably if air is kept in the tires. Low air pressure causes premature tire wear, poor fuel mileage, and unsafe handling. A tire is a breathable membrane. Let me say that a different way - new tires lose air without any puncture, leak at the valve or bead leak. One vehicle manufacturer used to warn that as much as 4PSI pressure loss per month was typical. This is why part of the maintenance of a vehicle is regular tire pressure checks, once per month minimum though some manufacturers recommend once each week or at every fuel fill.

Checking Fluid Levels

- many Land Rovers have fluid level warning lights for coolant, oil and windshield washers. Guess what? They don't always work. I like them, but can't depend on them. The typical Land Rover has nine reservoirs that need to be regularly checked (engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, washer fluid, front and rear differential lubricant, left and right swivel lubricant, newer trucks can add ACE fluid or eliminate swivel lubricant.) The drivetrain fluids can be checked with oil changes or annual maintenances.

- Manufacturers have typically recommended checking engine oil at every fuel fill. You may find that your oil needs to be checked more or less often, but certainly it needs to be checked a couple of times between changes. Land Rover (and most other engine manufacturers) consider 1Qt/1000 miles 'acceptable' consumption. Do the math.

Washing The Car

- anyone that knows me knows my cars don't get washed nearly enough. This is bad. Besides the obvious body problems that result, the cars don't get treated as well. I've serviced cars that were kept so clean the paint and interiors were like new. You know what? Those cars had fewer problems than similar aged cars. Taking pride in your car extends from keeping it clean to keeping it in top mechanical shape. If you keep it maintained and repaired as necessary, it will serve you better.

Basic (DIY & Cheap) Maintenance

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Basic (DIY or Minor) Maintenance

Services you can easily perform at home, but may prefer to have a shop perform.
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Scheduled Maintenance

These are the more extensive service intervals if you are following your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.
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