Vehicle Maintenance

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Let's make an important distinction between MAINTENANCE and REPAIRS.

Preventative MAINTENANCE is work performed on a machine to replace wear items (such as fluids, filters, belts, or ignition components); inspect common safety or reliability areas (brakes, belts, lights); lubricate or adjust accessible components (drive shafts, steering shafts, hinges, latches, belts) to PREVENT (with reasonable probability) breakdowns that leave you stranded and/or cause collateral damage resulting in extraordinary expenses.

REPAIRS are exactly that, replacing or repairing a component or system after it's failure. REPAIRS can be a result of poor maintenance, abuse, chance, or all of the above (for some examples, see 'why change your oil?').

Some REPAIRS are commonly confused with MAINTENANCE: normal brake service, shock replacement, spring replacement at some reasonable mileage/age are MAINTENENANCE. Brake service due to seized calipers caused by the failure to flush hydraulic brake fluid regularly is a REPAIR. Shock replacement resulting from banzai curb jumping is a REPAIR.

Basic (DIY & Cheap) Maintenance

Beginning with the most Basic of Maintenance, the most neglected maintenances of all. Click Here

Basic (DIY or Minor) Maintenance

Services you can easily perform at home, but may prefer to have a shop perform.
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Scheduled Maintenance

These are the more extensive service intervals if you are following your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.
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