Projects - Nigel

We rescued Nigel from Tennessee a couple of years ago. Bullwinkle (a 1990 Range Rover with 217,000 original miles) took a trailer to Nashville and brought him home to Expedition Autoworks.

We’ve finally determined Nigel’s new calling: he’s getting a powertrain and suspension upgrade courtesy of a 1993 Land Rover Range Rover LWB (supplied by B. Malmquist) and Bullwinkle (supplied by P. Leckband). Yes, indeedy! In a Long Wheelbase coil spring chassis is the heart of Bullwinkle (that 217,000 mile 3.9L engine) with the 1958 109” pickup body from Nigel.

Which begs the question: does anybody need a rust-free Series I 109” pickup chassis and drivetrain? When parked, we could still start the engine with the handcrank. The first image is what the chassis looks like without a body; nice and straight and clean. The second photo is what Nigel’s body and new chassis looks like today.

We hope to have it up and running in time for the 2008 MNLR Fish Lake Ice Event on 23rd of February. More to come…

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