Sunny Boy Solar:

Expedition Autoworks was approached by Solar Farms LLC. about putting solar panels on our roof.  Solar Farm said it was a great time to do it since there were grants available from the Federal Government and from Xcel energy that would greatly diminish the cost.   Solar farms proposed a 14.7 kilowatt system.  The system would have no storage and would feed the grid if we generated more power then we are using, like weekends.  We would get credit for any power sold back to the grid from Xcel on our bill.  Through the work of Solar Farm and Peter Leckband, all the grants were pushed through.  The Xcel energy grant process was user friendly, but the Federal grant process was quite the procedure.  The system started generating Spring 2011 and can be viewed at the Sunny Boy portal.  Sunny boy is the maker of the inverters.  The inverters update to the web every half our or so.  There is a real time display on the units themselves scrolling through the different information available.

Visit the real-time display of Expedition Autoworks solar energy production by clicking here