Vehicle Maintenance

Why Change Your Oil?

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Range Rover
85,000 miles
50,000 miles
50,000 miles
36,000 miles
This is a typical engine with extended oil changes. Typical of first owner doing bare-minimum maintenance. Someone loved this Defender and changed oil frequently. We don't know the maintenance history here.
Ummm...there was some engine noise, pulled the pan and found this.
A common cause of 'check engine' lights from 'multiple missfire' is caused by sticky valves, requires a 'valve job' to repair. This engine lost power and started making noise, the lower photo compares the cam-side surface of a new lifter to one from this engine, gets a 'valve job' and a new camshaft. If the new owner keeps this up, who knows how long it'll run? we have one running strong at 214,000 miles at this time. Did Not Repair the value of a 1996 Discovery isn't much more then the cost of a replacement engine.


Basic (DIY & Cheap) Maintenance

Beginning with the most Basic of Maintenance, the most neglected maintenances of all. Click Here

Basic (DIY or Minor) Maintenance

Services you can easily perform at home, but may prefer to have a shop perform.
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Scheduled Maintenance

These are the more extensive service intervals if you are following your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.
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