Projects - WillowBeast

Before YellowBeast, there was WillowBeast. A white 1998 Discovery LE that just had to be trail-worthy while capable of carrying the family and gear. With a supercharged engine, deep gears, Stage III suspension with Three-Link, 34" Super Swamper TSLs, body and undercarriage protection and front mounted winch, the WillowBeast seemed ready for anything.

Alas, the automatic transmission could not handle the power, so a factory R380 five-speed manual transmission was installed.

In a weird twist of fate, our own Eric became the second owner. His need for everyday reliability and urban highway handling demanded an immediate re-evaluation of the suspension and bias-py tires. Eric replaced the Stage III and Three-Link with a more conventional arrangement: Rovertym springs with Rancho shocks on all four corners, Rovertym radius arms and lower links. Swapping the Interco TSL tires with a set of BFG Mud-Terrains completed the transformation to a terrific daily-driver.

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